SPECIAL THANKS TO: Phil Dixon, Cecil Hooker, Joshua Harvey, D. Anthony, David Reid, Lou Hemsey
and Kevin Dixon for their contribution to this music video.
fighter down


You are among the ones
who laid it all on the line
Willing to give your life
for liberty
There are none more brave
than each one who gave it all
Hearing that call to stand for freedom

You are not forgotten
Though you’ve been gone
so long
and seem so far away
You are not forgotten
You are the song that we’ll remember every day

They said you were lost,
some faraway place,
no remains found
Years of mystery,
unanswered questions
Until we hear of searching
near where you were last seen
New hope that maybe soon we’ll find you


Whether that highest mountain,
or deep beneath the ocean
Or in some desert or jungle,
we will find you
No matter how long apart,
in the memory of our heart
You live on, and on,
for you are not forgotten,
you are not forgotten


You are not forgotten,
you are not forgotten
Not forgotten.


by Chris Van Cleave
Copyright 2013 Chris Van Cleave Music

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