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NOT FORGOTTEN tells the true stories selected from over 1600 cases of unaccounted for Americans from the
Vietnam War.

This documentary project focuses on the stories of the families who have lost their loved ones reported as POW, MIA, or KIA/BNR (killed in action/body not recovered) along with the recovery efforts, the excavations, and forensic work involved in each of these cases. 

The initial one-hour pilot will pave the way for a documentary series
that will include the unfolding cases still being investigated,
the challenges of working in dangerous and remote locations,
re-enacted memories of loved ones,
and outcomes of finding answers after decades of mystery. 


On November 11 in New York City's Veteran's Day Parade,
actor-singer-songwriter Chris Van Cleave performed his song
“Not Forgotten” aboard the parade float representing the D.O.D.
Office of Commemoration of the Vietnam War.  He was
accompanied by electric violinist Cecil Hooker
(Warner/Elektra/Asylum Records
artist with the band SNUFF).

See NEW MUSIC VIDEO created from this event!

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  DOD-float on Veteran's Day  
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